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Volunteering, Internships & Work Exchange


Over the past years, the help of volunteers has been invaluable. Many incredible projects have been accomplished through the help of volunteers. We really appreciate this help and always enjoy working with volunteers.

We periodically host work weekends. These are always a lot of fun and we get a lot done! Announcements for these weekends go out over our email list, but also check the calendar of upcoming events.

At this time we are seeking volunteers in four main areas - creation and maintenance of the Sanctuary; office work, research and events coordination. If you can help out for a day, a weekend, a week, or longer, please let us know! Thank you.

1. Creation and Maintenance of the Sanctuary

Sanctuary work - Creation and maintenance of the Sanctuary takes a lot of work. Existing stone sanctuaries require the clearing of leaves, twigs and other detritus in the spring, and clearing of some vegetation is necessary in the summer. We are always involved in the ongoing creation of new sanctuaries and are currently planning the creation of a hedgerow labyrinth in one of our fields.

Organic gardening - Starseed currently has an organic vegetable garden, a number of fruit trees, an herb garden and numerous flower gardens. We need help with upkeep of existing gardens, and are seeking to expand both our herb gardens and flower gardens. We welcome creative gardening designs.

Landscaping and grounds keeping - A large part of maintenance of the Sanctuary is upkeep of the lawns. We have traditionally mowed the majority of our fields, but rotate some of them so as to allow the growth of wildflowers and wild blueberries.

Trail Maintenance - We have a number of trails that wind throughout the fields and forest at Starseed. These trails are pretty self-sustaining, but we are interested in expanding our trail system to cover some of the back acres and wetland areas.

Building Repair - Starseed is currently raising funds to make large scale repairs on their main building, the Retreat House. It houses all of the sleeping quarters and the kitchen and eating area. There are a number of repairs that need to be completed to bring it up to code and make it safe and fully licensed to serve hot meals.

2. Office Work

Graphic design - We need assistance with the layout and design of our brochures, newsletter and other publications.

Web site maintenance - We are currently in the process of designing a new website and will need assistance with updating it once it is complete.

Marketing - We are in need of assistance with the marketing of Starseed's programs and events.

Media Promotion and Sales - In the promotion of Starseed, we are working on making a slideshow to introduce people to the Sanctuary. We would also like to have a brief movie made about Starseed. Additionally, we use lots of photographs of the land in the promotion of the Sanctuary. Any experience and assistance with filming, photography and editing would be of use. We are also interested in selling some media to generate income and have started a line of Sanctuary greeting cards featuring pictures of the land.

3. Research

We have a number of needs for research at this time in the areas of sustainable building, renewable energy, and environmental land management.

Sustainable Building: Starseed is interested in constructing new buildings on the property in the most sustainable way possible. Students are needed to research sustainable building materials, designs and cost effectiveness for small 1-4 person retreat cabins. Example: straw bale houses.  

Renewable Energy: Starseed is interested in using renewable energy. Students are needed to research, design and install different types of renewable energy that best fit with the needs and environment at Starseed. Example: Use of solar panels on one or more of the buildings.   

Environmental Land Management: Starseed is interested in exploring the options for putting part of their 130 acres in a Land Trust. Additionally, Starseed in would like to expand the network of existing trails on the property. Students are needed to research, survey the land and build trails.

4. Events Coordination

We have a variety of ongoing, annual and one-time events which we need help with.

Ongoing events - On the first Sunday of every month we hold Prayers for the Earth and the People of the Earth and will now be offering Consciousness Raising Sessions to follow the prayers. We need assistance with organizing and advertising for these events, setting up and breaking them down. Other on-going events include solstice and equinox ceremonies.

Annual events include our annual fundraising auction and a new annual environmental art week. These events also require publicity, set-up and clean-up.

Internships and Independent Projects

We offer a variety of internships and independent projects. If you are interested, we can work with your acadcaping, and sanctuary creation and maintenance. This internship includes the possibility of some research but mostly hands-on work. Starseed has a variety of organic fruit, vegetable, herb and flower gardens, the intern would be involved in the upkeep and maintenance of all of these. This includes preparing of the earth, planting of seeds, maintenance of the plants as they grow, harvesting, and finally, some eating of the foods. The intern will assist with the maintenance of a variety of perennial gardens and with the planting and maintenance of annual gardens. We create all of our gardens with a sense of sacred geometry, with the layout of plants in various designs. 

The landscaping portion of the internship involves trail creation and maintenance through the wooded areas and requires comfort with the use of tools. The final portion of this internship involves the creation and maintenance of the Sanctuary. Numerous stone grottos, a medicine wheel, a labyrinth, sweat lodges and other creations dot the land. These structures require some maintenance including removal of excess vegetation. We are always creating new parts of the Sanctuary, and this summer we are planning a hedgerow labyrinth. Research topics include a feasibility study on commercial herb or wildflower production and the establishment and maintenance of fruit orchards.
emic institution to see if you can receive credit.


Organic Gardening and Landscaping Internship:

The intern can be involved in all or a combination of the following areas - organic gardening, lands

Environmental Art Internship

Last summer a group of international artists came to Starseed for our first annual environmental art week. Artists created various installations using the elements of the land. At the end of the week, we held an open house and invited the public to view the installations and a number of performances. This year, we are organizing another environmental art week and will be inviting the public to participate. The intern would be involved with the organization of this event -inviting artists, scheduling logistics, publicity, and event management. Other projects the intern would be involved with include a number of EarthConnect events at Starseed which will focus on environmental art and the organization of a nature photography contest.

Independent Projects

Sustainability Research

The individual shall explore issues relating to the establishment of an eco-village at Starseed.  Research shall include: creating a working definition of an eco-village suitable for Starseed and the examination of existing eco-villages in the area; analyzing the ramifications of the phrases, "living lightly on the earth" and "permaculture," in the planning an eco-community; cataloging different sustainable construction techniques; ascertaining the feasibility of composting toilets and grey water systems and their acceptance by the town Board of Health; exploration of the role of wetlands, both natural and constructed, on the site; gathering information on organic gardening and farming methods especially regarding what is required to support an on-site population; the investigation of potential products from the forest for consumption and other uses; gathering information on the generation of power through wind and mini-hydro plants;  and bringing to awareness any other issues regarding sustainability and self-sufficiency and how these will effect the creation of the eco-village. 

Graphic Design; Photo Editing; Film Making and/or Website Creation

The individual would be involved in all or a combination of the following areas based on their experience and interest: graphic design, photo editing, film making, and/or website creation. In the area of graphic design, the individual would work on the layout and design of a number of Starseed publications and brochures. In the area of photo-editing, the individual would edit photographs not only for publications but also for the Starseed line of Sanctuary greeting cards featuring pictures of the land and also for a Starseed Sanctuary calendar. In the area of film making, we would like to have a film about Starseed which could serve as an introductory tool. We will need footage of not only the places at Starseed, but also the people who come here and the things that happen. Finally, we are in the process of creating our first website. The individual could take on the entire design of the website, or could work on it in conjunction with others.

Work Exchange/Work Study


Work-exchanges are available on a temporary basis. In exchange for lodging, individuals spend 20 hours a week cooking for retreats, programs, and workshops; cleaning the retreat house; doing organic gardening and landscaping in the summer months; assisting with office work and doing carpentry if skills permit.


The work component of a work-study position at Starseed involves the work listed under the work-exchange position. For the study component, students will receive some mentoring in their areas of interest and can participate in workshops on a wide variety of topics from holistic health to personal growth and empowerment and earth stewardship.

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