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The Circle of Seven Blessings

About the Circle of Seven Blessings

The Circle of Seven Blessings is a campaign to uplift the Sanctuary at Starseed and to bring the experience of sanctuary to more people.

This campaign has been designed to help promote inner peace, inner harmony and inner sanctuary by focusing on the Seven Blessings of Courage, Compassion, Forgiveness, Love, Truth, Patience, and Peace.

These Seven Blessings are attributes of the seven circles of the Peace Labyrinth, one of the key sanctuaries at Starseed where we have focused so many of our loving intentions for personal and planetary transformation. The Peace Labyrinth is a tool to balance our energies and bring ourselves into alignment. When you join the Circle, your name will be placed in a vessel in the center of our labyrinth which will hold the energy of sanctuary for you. By bringing the message of these blessings into your lives through campaign gifts and events we hope to contribute to your inner sanctuary.

Seven is a powerful number. The seven circles of the labyrinth also correspond to the 7 major chakras, the 7 directions, the 7 musical notes, and 7 colors of the rainbow.

Through this campaign, we are focusing on raising the funds to complete 7 needed repairs on our Retreat House. Through your generous contributions, we can complete this circle of 7 repair blessings.

We invite you to become one of 700 people who stand with us in Circle and support us in this powerful endeavor.

The Seven Blessings for the Retreat House

The Retreat House is our main building. It houses all of the sleeping quarters and the kitchen and eating area. There are a number of necessary repairs that need to be completed in order to bring it up to code and make it safe and fully licensed to serve.

  1. Replace foundation sills
  2. Replace the ground floor
  3. Expand the downstairs bathroom
  4. Bring the kitchen up to code for full meal service.
  5. Replace heating system with a more efficient furnace
  6. Install a new septic system with expanded capacity
  7. Replace the roof and install gutters

Our total fundraising goal for this campaign is $150,000

This incredible mission will be accomplished through the contributions of many helping hands, hearts and financial gifts.

Circles of Giving

Circle of COURAGE
Your gift: $100 or in-kind
Our Gift: An empowering spirit stone

Your Gift:$250 or in-kind
Our Gift: 1 overnight personal retreat & 7 blank greeting cards featuring the Starseed Sanctuaries

Your Gift: $500
Our Gift: 1 overnight personal retreat & a series of blessing bundles offering a deeper exploration of the blessings - spiritual nourishment for the soul

Circle of LOVE
Your Gift: $700 or in-kind
Our Blessing: 1 overnight personal retreat & Custom Gem stone prayer beads corresponding to the 7 Blessings

Circle of TRUTH
Gift: $1,000 or in-kind
Blessing: 2 night retreat guided by Satyena & 7 Blessings prayer flags

Circle of PATIENCE
Gift: $3,500 or in-kind
Blessing: 2 night retreat guided by Satyena & a tree will be planted at Starseed in your honor.

Circle of PEACE
Gift: $7,000 or in-kind
Blessing: Hand-crafted Wooden bench at Starseed with an inscription of your choice & your choice of any of the above

(All levels receive a Circle of 7 Blessings guide)

If you would like to join the circle, please send an email to or call 413-743-0417 to request a campaign brochure or click here to download one.

In-Kind Contributions and Different Ways of Giving

If you would like to give on a certain level, but are unable to at this time, please consider dividing your gift into a number of monthly payments and/or offering your services.

We are particularly in need of services that contribute to completing the repairs on the retreat house, but there are many ways Starseed can use your talents. Please contact us to see how your services may be of help.

Be creative - consider donating the proceeds of an activity using your talents or hosting a gathering to introduce people to Starseed and the Seven Blessings.

There are so many wonderful ways you can give to Starseed and Starseed can give to you.

Progress of the Circle

To date, 45 people have joined the Circle, raising a total of $15,000. Last year, we completed the first repair blessing for the retreat house - replacement of the foundation sills. This work in addition to the code work required for our business license cost $26,000, so we only have $11,000 to go to pay off the money owed on the repairs completed. We are eager to reach this goal and to move on to the next repair blessings for the retreat house. Many thanks to all who have contributed in their many ways.

Tea Gatherings

To help grow the Circle of Seven Blessings, we have been hosting Tea Gatherings throughout the northeast. Tea Gatherings are a Circle of Seven Blessings home party of sorts, and are a wonderful way to introduce Starseed and the Circle to friends and family. We hosted out first Tea Gatherings in the Boston area this spring, and will be hosting more in various locations in the coming months.

We invite you to host a tea gathering in your home. We can give you Starseed brochures and a copy of our latest Sanctuary slideshow to show to people. These gatherings are also a wonderful opportunity to sell Sanctuary greeting cards, or feel free to come up with your own creative fundraising activity. One of our Starseed Council members recently hosted a gathering at her house where she sold gently used women's clothing and donated the proceeds to Starseed. We are so thankful for the creativity and generosity of our many friends! It is many efforts which have made this Circle strong.

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