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Coming to the Well

Coming to the Well is a mentored journey for women 50 and beyond who are ready to embrace the next phase of their lives with strength and vitality.  It is a mentored program that provides tools and information for creating positive change in a supportive group atmosphere. For more information, click here.

Annual Starseed Fundraiser

September 18, 2010
ongoing from 1-5 p.m.

A Day of Giving and Receiving from the Heart

This year our fundraiser is in honor of our dear friend Carol Cain, who has so beautifully supported Starseed Sanctuary in life and death. Her intention was to give the treasures she had gathered in her life to a memorial gift shop at Starseed called Gentle Wind Gifts.

During our annual fundraising event we will be opening this incredible memorial gift shop.

Honoring Carol's generosity of giving from the heart, we are inviting you to give something from your heart. It can be in the Spirit of the Native American Give~Away, where you give something you love or something that you have cherished and no longer need, something that someone else would really love to receive. It can be a personal service that you offer, a sacred object, jewelry, art, or anything of value that you give as a gift from your heart with the intention of supporting the Sanctuary. Your gift can be for the silent auction or the gift shop.

Your offerings to this fundraiser, for the silent auction or the gift shop, can be dropped off or mailed to Starseed by Friday September 17th, or you can write a description of your gift on the attached form, send it by email and bring your gift on the day of the event. We would love for you to be here but if you can't come please consider sending a love offering from your heart.


Renew your sacred connection with the Earth at Starseed.

In our fast paced technological world we have become increasingly disconnected from the natural world that sustains our body and spirit.  To bridge this gap, our EarthConnect program and events offer opportunities for you to connect more deeply with the rejuvenating and healing powers of nature.

The energy of the land and Sanctuary at Starseed is potent.  Whether it is spring, summer, fall, or winter, the beauty of the land calls us home.  We invite you to come on your own or come for an event and spend time connecting with the land and the spirits of the land.  Please stay tuned for EarthConnect events in the coming months.


Starseed is a place for deepening into Spirit, a place where people of all faiths can come to renew their connection with the sacred and the divine.

As a healing Sanctuary, we hold sacred space and ground energy here so that when people enter into this environment they might more readily connect with Spirit.  The heightened energy of the land and sanctuary provides a supportive environment for connecting within and with Spirit. 

We host many events throughout the year which are intended to help people of all faiths connect with Spirit/Source/God.  On the first Sunday of every month we hold an interfaith prayers ceremony – Prayers for the Earth and the People of the Earth.  We also hold ceremonies on the equinoxes and solstices to tap into the heightened energy.  For more information about these events, please visit the Ceremonies page of our website.  We also host sweat lodge or inipi ceremonies a number of times per year, as well as ceremonies from a number of traditions to assist people in connecting with Spirit.

Connection with Spirit is the primary starting point for much of the transformation work we do here, and thus is incorporated into many of the programs and workshops we hold here.  Please check our calendar for special SpiritConnect events or join us for one of our regularly scheduled prayer ceremonies.


Starseed is a place where we can all come home to ourselves.  A lot of the transformation work that happens here relies on people going within and finding their true self, their inner self, their inner voice and learning to embrace, trust, and listen to it.  Much of the healing that happens here is self-healing and thus relies on people working on their own selves and taking personal responsibility for returning to wholeness.  Through guided retreats, programs and workshops, people are assisted in the process of reconnecting with their own true Self.

Many people come to Starseed during major life transitions when they are seeking direction and clarity of purpose.  Some of our guided retreats, programs, workshops and ceremonies are designed to help people tune in to their own inner guidance and find the clarity needed to move forward with their lives with strength and vitality.  Starseed is a wonderful place where one can be in a supportive environment and community and undergo powerful personal transformation work.  From a weekend guided retreat, to a year of live-in stewardship, Starseed offers many opportunities for people seeking to reconnect with their own self.


Many artists have found themselves at home at Starseed and have worked in concert with the spirits of the land to co-create many wonderful works of art.  One artist in residence created numerous nature spirits out of earthen materials.  Many have captured the vital essence of the land and sanctuary in photographs.  Last summer, a group of international artists visited Starseed for 10 days and created numerous environmental art installations on the land including a snake which was carved out of a birch tree, a 10 pointed fire-pit, a breathing room, an alter for leaving offerings for animals.  Numerous photographs and videos were taken and are being made into a short film..  We will be hosting another environmental art event at Starseed in the fall.  Please stay tuned for details.


Starseed is a place where kindred spirits can come together and meet and hang out with each other!  We offer numerous events throughout the year which offer opportunities to meet, greet and socialize with new and old friends.  At every solstice and equinox ceremony and every Prayers for the Earth and the People of the Earth, we always share a vegetarian potluck meal and lots of good conversation and laughter.  We also host numerous bon fires, drumming circles, concerts and other events which are wonderful opportunities to connect with others and share of ourselves.  We hope you will join us for an event soon.

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