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Community and Stewardship

The Starseed Tribe Seeks Community Partners to Join Us

~ Would you like to live in an intentional community and be an integral part of running a center dedicated to personal and planetary transformation?

~ Are you looking for a place where you can serve the great individual and collective changes called for in these times?

If your answers are yes, please read on.  We are looking for partners to join us.

Many hands and hearts have made Starseed possible. At this time, we are seeking kindred spirits to join our core steward team that co-creates and maintains our healing sanctuary and holistic retreat center. We are seeking both permanent steward partners who will live in community with us on the land as well as stewards who are interested in a short-term commitment. 

Envision: You are part of a great leap of love such as the world has never known. You know you have special work to do and are ready to begin this mission alongside other Kindred Spirits with a shared vision and purpose. You have been searching, making your way towards this purpose and are open now to say Yes. You find your way. You find your companions. You give your life over to Love. You are in service to each other and the emerging new world. You are a part of the tribe who joyfully contributes to and thrives living in the Starseed

We seek kindred spirits to join us in intentional community and the joint enterprises of a center for personal and planetary transformation. 

The call is out, the people search is on.  We are looking for people to join us in three capacities:
  1. Core community partners who want to join the permanent Starseed Community and live on the land and share in the running of our center for personal and planetary transformation.  Read more about The Call.
  2. An assistant/apprentice to Director, Satyena Ananda who can help with a variety of tasks, most especially with computer work and organization. This position carries the possibility to apprentice in earth-based healing, life-coaching, spiritual direction, and facilitation of ceremonies. Read more about the Director's Assistant
  3. 2 work-exchange stewards to help with upkeep of gardens and grounds, farm work, food preparation, building maintenance, and program assistance for a minimum 7-month commitment. Read more about the Work-Exchange Steward.

History of Community and Stewardship

The Starseed community has been developing for over 27 years. The Ananda family arrived in 1986 as the initial pioneers to prepare the land and buildings for a later time when they would be joined by others of like mind. The vision that they came with was for the development of a community of spiritually minded people who wished to deepen their own transformation and to assist others who wanted to do the same. Coming into the 10th year, the spirit of the land expressed its intention as “healing sanctuary”. This communication shifted the awareness of the purpose of the land, and the energy of the land began to transform through the rock formations, activated energy spots and the palpable healing energy of the land. Transformation took place not only with the land and the buildings but with the people who lived at Starseed and with the people who came as guests.

Over the past 17 years, Starseed has manifested as a beautiful and active Healing Sanctuary. Many individuals and groups have come to the land and received powerful transformations in their lives. This unfoldment of the sanctuary has been possible through the presence and guidance of spirit and the hard work of the Ananda family and many others who offered their time, energy and resources for the continued development and maintenance of the sanctuary. Much has been accomplished over the years, and as Starseed is poised to further deepen into its mission, we look forward to new stewards to joining our core team to help bring through the next stage of the Starseed mission.

Developing Intentional Community

Our intention is to live with others in a loving, self-sufficient, spiritual community that stewards the sacred sanctuary and retreat space here. We seek individuals who are consciously on a spiritual path and seek to deepen it in a supportive community to join with us in community and stewardship.

The Starseed community presently consists of a nuclear family residing on the land plus the Starseed council, stewards and other supporting members living off-site. We are actively seeking others to join with us at this time.

Stewardship of the Sanctuary and Retreat Center

The live-in team of stewards maintains and co-creates the healing sanctuary and the holistic retreat center. This entails:

Care of the land – creation of sacred space, sacred geometry, landscaping, grounds keeping, beautification, trail maintenance and recreation, and organic gardening of herbs, flowers, fruit and vegetables.

Care of the buildings – building maintenance, carpentry, and construction of new green structures.

Business administration – expanding the retreat business, marketing, advertising and publicity, and general office work.

Program facilitation – developing and leading programs and workshops on holistic healing and transformational processes

Retreat center upkeep – vegetarian cooking, creating sacred space, and cleaning and preparation of the retreat house and public spaces for guests.

We are also seeking to develop one or more cottage industries to provide income for community residents as well as a non-profit educational arm of the retreat center. We are seeking an individual or individuals who would like to develop the educational non-profit.

Sacred Earth Stewardship

A large part of stewardship at Starseed is coming into harmony and co-creation with nature and all our relations. Through inner guidance and through connection with the spirits of the land, stewards co-create sacred space throughout the Sanctuary, honoring the sacred in all life. We seek to care for all aspects of the earth and of our bodies. We seek to be responsible stewards of the earth and to demonstrate sacred earth stewardship to all who come here.

One of our beloved stewards, Kat, in the vegetable garden.
One of our beloved stewards, Kat, in the vegetable garden.

Creation of Sanctuary - unearthing a rock ledge on Pine Mountain
Creation of Sanctuary - unearthing a rock ledge on Pine Mountain

Spiritual Community

As a spiritual community, those who live at Starseed, and those who come here choose to participate in and share the journey of deepening spiritual path. As an interfaith sanctuary, many faiths and traditions are honored and practiced at Starseed. Unifying spiritual principles of the community include honoring the sacred in all life and recognizing the place where we are all One.

As a spiritual community we seek to do spiritual studies together and support each other in individual and group transformation. As a spiritual community, we anchor energy here with our intentions, prayers and ceremonies, for ourselves, for the planet and for all life.

A ceremony in the Peace Labyrinth - honoring the place where we are all One.
A ceremony in the Peace Labyrinth - honoring the place where we are all One.

Steward Partners

We are currently seeking to build our core team of steward partners who live on the land. We are currently seeking six steward partners (we welcome families too) to live with us in community and steward this land through its next phase of assisting personal and planetary transformation.

  Elizabeth in the garden - one of our off-site steward partners.

Elizabeth in the garden - one of our off-site steward partners.

We have temporary housing available for stewards and hope that in time, steward partners will build their own houses on the land. It has always been our desire to live lightly on the land and it is our intention that all new buildings and structures will be as green as possible and in harmony with the land. We especially welcome stewards who are interested in green construction.

We are in the process of exploring different options for joint ownership of the land and for creating house plots for steward families. If you are interested in stewardship, we invite you to join this process.

At this time, we have particular need for a head gardener and grounds steward, a head carpenter and building maintenance steward, and a head steward for developing and running the retreat center and non-profit. We also welcome visionaries, healers, artists, those with business skills (for the retreat center and a cottage industry), those who love the land, and those who love deeply.

We seek individuals who are open to spiritual development, would like to live in a collaborative community that supports personal and group transformation, and would like to serve the mission of facilitating personal and planetary transformation for all.

We welcome people of all races, ages, nationalities, faiths and walks of life who are in alignment with our mission.

Financial Partners

It has always been our desire to put Starseed into a trust so that it will always be dedicated to personal and planetary transformation. Towards this end, and to serve the vital work of the Sanctuary and Retreat Center, we are seeking financial partners to build an endowment for Starseed that will ensure its health and vitality for years to come. Financial partners may or may not live with us on the land depending on the type of stewardship they are interested in.

Short-term Stewardship

We always welcome short-term stewards - from a period of one week to one year. Space permitting, we are happy to offer lodging to stewards in exchange for the work they do for the sanctuary.

If you are interested in stewardship,
Please contact us to come for a visit.

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