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Retreat Center


-The Retreat House
The Retreat House is our main building. Upstairs there are 5 bedrooms, sleeping a maximum of 15 people; a meditation room; and a full bathroom. Downstairs there is a fully equipped kitchen, joint dining/living room/meeting space area, and a half bathroom.

-The Phoenix Cathedral
The Phoenix Cathedral is a large room which we use for workshop space. It is located in our carriage house, just next to the Retreat House.

-The Cabin
We have a cabin in the woods near the sacred circle which is off the grid. It is a good space for people who want to be solitary and away from everything. It has a bunk bed space and a loft.


Starseed is first and foremost a sanctuary for transformation on all levels. As such we provide a safe and nurturing space for people to retreat to in order to avail themselves of this opportunity. We provide space for personal retreats as well as group retreats. These retreats can be self guided or mentor guided.

-Personal Retreats
Rest and Rejuvenation Retreat - Spend some time with yourself doing inner reflection, meditating, journal writing, walking on the land, or curled up by the fire reading a good book. All of the facilities of the retreat house are available to you as well as the outdoor sanctuary. Enjoy taking a walk in the peace labyrinth or explore the woods or some of the other sanctuaries.

-Guided Retreats
All retreats are tailored to personal needs. The cost is determined by length and content of retreat. A guided retreat can focus on one of the areas below or be any combination of them and include your selection of personal coaching and energy balancing sessions.

-- Spiritual Direction Retreat - At Starseed, we offer an interfaith, eclectic approach to spirituality in an environment which facilitates connection with the sacred. Through spiritual direction sessions, you will explore your relationship with the spiritual aspect of being human and the human aspect of being spirit. This process can help you to understand what your path is, to grow closer to your Source and to bring the sacred into everyday life. For those in need, we also offer counseling for spiritual emergency.

-- Life Coaching Retreat - Through a series of personal sessions, you will be assisted to find, listen to and trust your inner voice, enabling you to receive guidance and clarity to act from your inner place. You will work with the facilitator to identify debilitating patterns, release blockages and move forward with your life through clarifying intentions, setting goals and establishing a plan to reach those goals. Optional follow-up support sessions are also available.

-- Cleansing and Regeneration Retreats - Periodically it is good to give our bodies a complete rest, including a rest from one's normal diet, and cleanse the body of the normal build-up of toxins. We offer a variety of cleansing, fasting and nutritional programs which clean out our inner systems and make for a stronger and more healthily functioning body. We provide the information and tools to conduct an inner clean-out that is suited to your needs.

-- Nature Connection and/or Earth-Based Healing - Walk or snowshoe on the forest trails that wind throughout the 130 acres, drink in the beauty of the land and reconnect with the living earth, discover and explore the stone sanctuaries located throughout the land, feel free to create a stone stacking of your own in the Land of Good Intentions, create environmental art.

Earth-based sessions are available with Satyena, which teach and bring us awareness of the earth as a tool and access point for realigning and strengthening our body energies as well as for deep emotional release work. We utilize the nourishing energies of the earth and the elements to access deeper levels of healing.

Satyena Ananda, co-founder and director of Starseed, is the main facilitator for guided retreats. Satyena is a holistic educator, polarity therapist, and spiritual counselor and has been leading retreats for the past 20 years. She has 30 years of experience in developing and facilitating holistic transformational processes. She offers sessions in spiritual direction, energy balancing, cleansing and detoxification, nutrition, deep emotional release, life coaching and earth-based healing. She also leads ceremonies and officiates sacred unions.

Satyena utilizes the earth sanctuary at Starseed to assist healers and others return to wholeness by connecting with Source and accessing the healing energies within. This process assists people to come home to themselves and align with their true life purpose.

Call 413-743-0417 to schedule a 15 minute consultation to design a retreat that is right for you.

Group Rentals

Many healers and workshop facilitators hold their workshops and programs at Starseed. The retreat house is available for group rentals. Unless another event is going on at the time of rental, renters have access to all of the land of the Sanctuary and the workshop space in the Phoenix Cathedral.  See below for rates.


Personal Retreats

  • Shared room with shared bath - $45 per night/ continental breakfast included

  • Private room with shared bath - $65 per night/ continental breakfast included

  • Guests can bring their own bedding, otherwise there is a $10 linen fee per stay.

  • The overnight rate includes a continental breakfast for individual retreatants. Guests are invited to bring food for their other meals ($5 kitchen use fee) or if you would like your meals provided, please speak with Satyena about catering options.

Guided Retreats
The cost of a guided retreat is determined on an individual basis depending on the length of stay and the content of the retreat. Please call 413-743-0417 to talk with Satyena about designing a personalized guided retreat and for a cost quote.

Group Rentals
Weekend Rentals of the entire retreat house from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, 5 bedrooms, sleeping a maximum of 15 people.

  • $1000 per weekend for up to 10 people, $100 for each additional person up to a maximum of 15 people. Groups can bring their own bedding, otherwise there is a $10 per person linen fee.

Group rentals can either bring their own cook or speak with Starseed about catering options. There is a $150 kitchen use fee for groups who bring their own cook.

Longer group rentals can also be arranged by calling to speak with Satyena.

Tenting sites are also available.


To make an inquiry about availability or to make a reservation for a personal retreat or group rental please call Satyena at 413-743-0417 or email

Our Philosophy on Food

- All of the food served at Starseed is vegetarian (we do serve eggs and dairy). All potluck meals are vegetarian and any meals provided by Starseed are vegetarian.

- We honor special needs requests.

- We try to use whole and organic foods as much as availability, budget, needs and tastes permit. When possible we use vegetables and fruit from the land here.

- We engage in vibrational cooking. We think that the vibrations put into food during preparation are just as important as the physical ingredients, and to that effect, we strive to put loving and healing vibrations into all food that Starseed serves.

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