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Gentle Wind Gifts

  Angel Statue in our new Angel Sanctuary

Angel Statue in our new Angel Sanctuary

Give And Receive From The Heart

This fundraiser is in honor of our dear friend Carol Cain, who has so beautifully supported Starseed Sanctuary in life and death. Her intention was to give the treasures she had gathered in her life to a memorial gift shop at Starseed called Gentle Wind Gifts. During our annual fundraising event on September 18, 2010 from 1-5 p.m. we opened this incredible memorial gift shop.

Honoring Carol's generosity of giving from the heart, we are inviting you to give something from your heart. It can be in the Spirit of the Native American Give~Away, where you give something you love or something that you have cherished and no longer need, something that someone else would really love to receive. It can be a personal service that you offer, a sacred object, jewelry, art, or anything of value that you give as a gift from your heart with the intention of supporting the Sanctuary.

Your offerings to this fundraiser can be dropped off or mailed to Starseed. Please consider sending a love offering from your heart.

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