Starseed Sanctuary (logo and name)

The Land and Sanctuary

All of the land and sanctuaries are dedicated to sacred space. Of the 130 acres on which Starseed resides, the front acres are a mixture of fields and forest. Most of the stone sanctuaries exist on this portion of the land. The back acres are entirely forested, except for 15 acres of wetland areas and a stream.

The Sanctuaries

There are seven major sanctuaries on the land and many smaller ones in the process of creation. The first sanctuary is our sacred circle and medicine wheel created at the time of the Harmonic Convergence in August of 1987. It is one of the highest energy spots on the land and where we have a lot of ceremonies, including weddings and rights of passage. The other sanctuaries create spokes from this sacred circle, they are: the sanctuary of the Divine Mother, Sai's Place, Infinity, the Land of Good Intentions, the Inipi Lodge on the stream, the sanctuary of the Christ and the Buddha.

The Peace Labyrinth

The Peace Labyrinth created in 1997 is a focal point of the Sanctuary. As one of the main stone sanctuaries located near the buildings, many of our prayers and ceremonies take place here, including Prayers for the Earth and the People of the Earth.

Our Peace Labyrinth is a seven circuit labyrinth that has a separate exit path. The layout of the Peace Labyrinth was designed by Beatrice Barnett. The seven circuits, the center, the 180 degree turns all have specific meaning. A walk in the peace labyrinth is a walking meditation designed to help walkers reach both the physical center of the labyrinth as well as their inner center.

For more teachings about the Peace Labyrinth - its meaning and uses - please join us for one of our labyrinth workshops. Check the calendar for upcoming dates.

You are always welcome to drop by and visit the sanctuary or walk the peace labyrinth, we ask that you call (413-743-0417) before to let us know you will be coming and make sure there aren't any private group activities scheduled.

Organic Gardens

We have one large organic vegetable garden at Starseed, and a wide variety of herb and flower gardens with fairies, cherubs, and other beings scattered throughout. We hope to expand the food garden to bring us closer to self sufficiency with our food production. We cultivate the land for nourishment and also to enhance the energy of the sanctuary.

Starseed Healing Sanctuary & Holistic Retreat Center
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