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Septic Fundraiser

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Dear Friends,

Those of you who have come to Starseed are familiar with the invitation to let the yellow mellow and flush the brown down. This request has been made to conserve precious water, and also to preserve our delicate septic system.

Well, the septic system failed earlier this year, and we knew that conservation was no longer possible. We had to take the leap and make this major capital improvement of replacing our septic system. And so we leaped! Construction is underway.

We knew that we had to move fast before the ground froze, otherwise we would have to go all winter long without a functional septic system. For months we investigated loan options, but kept encountering dead ends. Needing to act fast, we took the leap and trusted that just as Starseed has been there for many in our extended community, that the extended community would be there for Starseed.

And wow, have people been showing up for us. We have raised nearly two thirds of the needed $25,000. We are blown away with people's generosity and support.

So the grounds are all dug up, the work is underway, and we still have over $8,500 to raise before they finish the project in a few weeks.

Can you help us get the rest of the way to our goal? Any contribution is greatly appreciated - large or small.

If you can send a check, please make it payable to Starseed and mail to:
Starseed ~ 672 Chapel Road ~ Savoy, MA 01256

You can also contribute through our Paypal Account.


We invite you to join us in this critical repair.

Starseed is a special place that is only possible through the love of many.

So much that has created Starseed has been given in the spirit of service - countless hours go into stewarding the sanctuary, and countless lives have been positively impacted through retreats, workshops, ceremonies, earth-based and holistic healing, spiritual direction, organic gardening, community, and the magic that is Starseed.

We see this capital improvement as an opportunity for Starseed's own transformation into deeper service to personal and planetary transformation.

Many, many thanks for helping us reach this fundraising goal.

With deep and abiding gratitude,
The Starseed Team

Starseed Healing Sanctuary & Holistic Retreat Center
672 Chapel Rd. Savoy, MA 01256 | phone: (413) 743-0417