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Prayers for the Earth and the People of the Earth + Consciousness Raising

We gather on the first Sunday of every month at noon to offer Prayers for the Earth and the People of the Earth. This is an interfaith opportunity to join in loving intention for ourselves, each other and the planet. While we do invite various guests to facilitate the prayers, this is a collaborative effort and all are welcome to contribute. Weather permitting, we walk the peace labyrinth and ground our intentions into the mother earth.

Following the prayers, we share a vegetarian potluck lunch from 1-2. Please bring a dish to share.

Following lunch, we meet for two hours for a Consciousness Raising Session. These are opportunities for us to come together to expand our awareness on various topics. Sometimes we watch films together and discuss them, and sometimes are joined by a guest speaker. At our first session, we watched the film, Ashes to Snow. At our second session, we watched excerpts from An Inconvenient Truth and then discussed actions we could take that would make a difference for climate change. Please stay tuned for upcoming topics. We are always open to suggestions.

Equinox and Solstice Ceremonies/Celebrations

We gather on every Equinox and Solstice when the planetary energy is the highest: to create ceremony and be in celebration of each change of season, to honor our connection with spirit, and to be in rhythm with the cycles of nature and the universe. The equinoxes and solstices are portals into limitless realms of consciousness and these events at Starseed become powerful consciousness raising experiences. They are open to all and are offered on a donation basis.


The Starseed sanctuary provides a unique sacred space for sacred unions. Our sacred circle medicine wheel is a high energy spot and an incredible place for the sanctification of sacred unions. Starseed is available for event rental for small weddings. Satyena works in depth with couples to develop a ceremony that reflects the essence of their union and commitment to each other. She is available to officiate marriage unions.

Rites of Passage

The energy of the Sanctuary provides a wonderful container to support people during times of passage. Numerous coming of age rites of passage have taken place at Starseed. Some of these are: Passages for "Boys to Men," Passages for girls coming into their moon time and womanhood, and Passages for people who are experiencing life changing transitions. Starseed is available for group rentals for these passages, or people can work with Satyena to develop a Rite of Passage appropriate for them.

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