The Seed We are Planting is LOVE

A Personal Account
By Sarah Pirtle

What we’re breathing is love.
What we’ve made of is love.

Love is what we were about when we came together singing this song in the blustery snow on December 22, 2012. We came together, connected with people all over the world, to engage with the wide transformations afoot at this long-time prophesized Solstice. According to Jose Arguelles, the Maya engaged deeply with the galactic mind and created a powerful and precise calendar which pointed out the end of one 5,121 year era and the beginning the 5th Sun on December 21, 2012. Throughout this three-day portal Satyena held space for ceremony with clarity and integrity in such a way that she gave room for each person to make their own discoveries and build knowledge together. There was no other place I wanted to be.

A dozen of us experienced the full stretch of three days that began with calling in spiritual guidance and forming the seed in the Phoenix Cathedral the first night. Numbers widened to about thirty people present for at least a segment, like a tag-team keeping a flame going. Here are a few snapshots so that the large community of people who are nourished by the steady flame of Starseed can feel included in what transpired. The intention was that this gathering marked a culmination of twenty-five years of preparation for this crossing-over point.

The first night we experienced a guided presentation about the astronomy of the Earth crossing into a new planetary relationship to the Milky Way galaxy, which the Maya people had calculated. Using creative movement, we moved from the initial flaring forth of the Universe, through the transformations which are still alive in us today. The moment that we were focusing upon the DNA in our cells opening to new growth, outside a shower of sleet began tapping the metal roof, ushering in a wave of synchronicity.

The next morning, awakened by drum and song,  we gathered together in the meditation room at 6:11 am for the long awaited Winter Solstice 2012 moment. We lit candles and moved into the next dimension of love, as wave after wave of energy and connection with all beings flowed through us. Workshops throughout the day included yoga honoring the chakras, body blessing, and sensing how to acknowledge the potential of a golden orb like a halo around our head. On the third day we lit candles with our new intentions. Then we walked to the rose cairn in the Medicine Wheel and breathed our intentions into rocks Satyena had gathered at the ocean in the fall. As we added new stones, anointed by rose oil, the cairn grew. Finally we walked to the copper pyramid structure, that was installed at the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, to connect the newest and oldest places in the medicine wheel, and here we anchored the impulse of the new era. The star seed has been planted!

Deborah Lord led an important piece about the growth of the mid-line. We learned that when we are in embryo form; after fourteen days, the growing self creates a primitive streak of cells. We recapitulated that pre-birth process, sensing — I rest in all that has been and let it melt. I begin again in a new embryo, and I find the midline that I created back in the womb.

We felt the fruition of the wholesome intentions that Starseed has been holding an incubating for these twenty-five years. With laughter, with camaraderie, with new insights, we stepped consciously into a new era, a new baktun according to the Maya, a new opportunity for quickening inside us what it means to embody the force of love.

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Turning the M Upside Down

Looking at My Situation Differently
By Arianna Alexsandra Grindrod
Birth 2012 has certainly been an curious transitional period. As I have been talking with friends and neighbors we recognize that we have been noticing more death and destruction and even deception. It feels like there is a weird push-back energy occurring. And yet, even with this edge of trouble, there is the ever present gentle yet firm push forward. We are moving. We are pushing through the blockages.
I see in one recent situation where I could have rightly gone down a path of righteous rage. At that pivot point I see how I could have also gone into despair over the cruelty of the human race and that we don’t deserve to continue on. But where I actually went was a place sadness and disappointment. And this lead to a strong urge to connect with my community. I methodically told of the account and let the pieces fall where they may. In reaching out to my community and even to the greater region, others reached back, thanking me for being a “tiger” and for being the “wrong person to mess with”. But I do not feel that fierceness. What I feel is an overwhelming need to protect my community, not with lashing out at the perpetrators but by simply shining the light on them so that others can learn of their deceit, and so that these people have an opportunity, now not being able to hide, to be more responsible humans. Even in shining this light my focus is on compassion for my community and demonstrating how we are all in this grand life together and that we’ve got each other’s backs.

This situation showed me that how ever we look at something, that is how it appears. This thing that happened I could label as being scammed. However, it helped my husband and I come together as a unit, a unified force. And not so much against the people who we allowed to deceive us but for us as married couple making decisions together. We came together as a unit for the sake of our community to alert them so that we could all stand together. It has brought up some interesting dialogue. That this is not about karma or that we needed to be the people to bring about justice. This is about what to do with what we are handed. How will we be with what is transpiring? Will we rage? Will we cave? Will we rise to meet the challenge and, like a seed, push through?
For me, this was a lesson, not just about being more discerning and to check in with neighbors about companies, but mostly about how this life is more about the we than the me. It’s about turning that “m” upside down so that the “w” has space to open to the sun.
In this next era, this next age, we have an opportunity re-make, re-connect, re-commit. We can decide anew to be the ones we were waiting for and embark on a new way of being in and with the world. We can see and act as if we are part of a greater community; that we are all part of the we. And perhaps if we see this we, we can also recognize that we are not just talking about the human community, but the Earth community and all the beings we share this glorious planet with.  
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Transitions that Change Our Lives

Two Transitions that Changed My Life
By Satyena Ananda

When you ask to change a deep personal and genetic pattern be prepared to be tested and to go through the fire.  The first step is asking for help.  At this point most of my life (42 years) has been dedicated to transformation.  It should not have been a surprise to me that when the planet and humanity came to a momentous place of evolutionary shift that I would be thrown into a place of challenge and personal crisis.

My situation was that for 26 years I had been anchoring the Starseed Sanctuary as a center not only for personal transformation but also for planetary and universal transformation.  And now the moment of greatest opportunity to anchor the huge shift of ages, a portal in time so to speak, when the energy was available for humankind to change how we have been living on the planet for thousands of years (warring, killing, polluting, destroying nature and species) a way of living that was based around greed and personal power- and Shift to a time, a way of living in brotherhood/sisterhood and Universal humanhood, a way of living based on Peace, Love, co-operation and co-creation.  So this was Big for me. I did not understand everything. Actually I felt I understood little, yet my spirit was called.  I was committed to participating in the shift and anchoring the era at Starseed.

Plans were made for a three day gathering December 20-22.  I was linked up with Barbara Marx Hubbard, Grandmother to the evolutionary awareness movement, The Shift Network, the Agents of Conscious Evolution, and millions of people all over the world all preparing to enter this rare moment in time.

Then seven days before the event began I received a call from my family that my 90 year old mother, living in Ohio, had taken a turn. She had gone into a deep sleeping space, was unable to speak, and was she not eating or drinking.  I was scared.  I knew that she had wanted to cross over for some time.  I was committed to being there for her when the time came.  I did not want this time to be the time. How could I leave Starseed at a moment in time that I was born for?

There was so much to do to prepare for the Solstice 2012 Events.  There was no one else living at Starseed.  It was winter time.  The buildings are heated with wood.  How could I leave at this critical time? And how could I not go to my mother’s side?  It was my worst nightmare.

I kept going into deep prayer asking for guidance, asking to know what to do.  The nurses and doctors said, “no one knows how long it could be.  People can go for quite a while without eating and drinking.  My Mom was taking very small amounts of pureed food and water.  The staff felt she was definitely in transition.  What to do?  Inside, I knew that anchoring this energy at Starseed was part of my work, part of the mission I came here to do and that I would do it.

So, I prayed for a strengthening of faith, trust and love.  I prayed for discernment, that if God had given me this mission, I would be allowed to do it as well as be with my mother in her time of need to assist her with crossing over.  I communicated with my Mom through the ethers and asked her to hold on until I could get to her.  I prayed for help to hold this space of trust.

As things heightened for the Solstice/Birth time, my Mom’s condition became more unstable.  People were beginning to arrive at Starseed for the event, and at the same time my family decided to call in Hospice round the clock.  It was really necessary to keep calling in my higher essence to help me stay present to the energy coming in, guiding ceremonies, and holding inner space with my Mom at the same time.  During the three day event, I experienced an incredible influx of light and connection with all of the beings who were consciously participating in this moment in time.  The feeling of love and the birth of a conscious humanity was literally being birthed through us.  I felt completely guided throughout the three days and was extremely thankful for the beautiful participation of all who were present.  The energy of love, unity and connection felt the same as the experience during the three days of the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. I am sure that receiving this energy prepared me for my experience with my mom and my family.

I was then very blessed to have my dear friend Gunjeet drive me to Boston to be a part of the opening of the Boston Birth 2012 event.  I slept at my daughters, returned home the next day, threw some things in a suitcase, and flew out the next day for Ohio, arriving to my Mom on Christmas Eve. My trust and faith paid off and I was able to be with my Mom for seven days before she left for her heavenly home. I was deeply grateful that she did have need of my help, assisting her through an intense spiritual battle of releasing the fear of judgment.  On December 30th she very peacefully slipped away.

Upon her departure, my mother let me know of her gratitude for my presence and help by infusing me with sweet loving energy from her hands, from her power center, directly into my hands, into my heart.

We never know when and what we will be called to in life. Our part is to be willing to show up, ask to be guided, and trust that it is so.

I had asked to change a deep genetic pattern that held a belief that things wouldn’t work out for me to trusting that Divine Love and Divine Order are here for me and no matter what, “all is well”.

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Birth 2012

“The Maya tell us it is up to us, as to what occurs next:  what we choose to create, what dream we dream into reality; this will now be the foundation of our New Reality.” 
The Doorway is before us… It is time to Dream the New Dream and Create the New Reality!!!



This Winter Solstice is a sacred gateway into a new world that has never been charted. It is up to us to create it. What is the world we want to see?

Many have long awaited the time of Winter Solstice 2012 when the 4th World Age of the Mayan Calendar ends and the 5th Sun begins; completing a 5,121 year cycle. At the same time a 26,800 year Great Cycle, also known as the Grand Alignment of Earth, Sun, and the Center of our Galaxy is occurring.  This is a major shift and a birth of something entirely new.

The Maya and other Elders have foretold a great deal about what this means, what to expect, how to align with these beneficial energies, pouring from the Heart of the Cosmic Mother, and what is to come.  The Mayan elders say that all of human endeavors from the last 26,800 years of this Great Cycle, meld into a single moment, a single point, a single potential, to merge with the power of this Grand New Cycle. We will join together during this Window of time with people all over the planet to experience this rare energy; to open to this powerful alignment and begin consciously co-creating a new world and a more loving way of relating to each other and the universe.

This time is our opportunity to WAKE UP!  Things on planet Earth have reached a crises tipping point.  We have created such an imbalance through our technological binge, depletion of resources, and pollution of the planet that we must wake up if we want to continue enjoying the planet. We’re precisely at the point in time where the difference between a considerable number of us waking up and co-creating change, and not waking up, is the difference between the planet going into self-destruction and the planet continuing on its evolutionary path.  Our work at this time is about cultivating awareness, creating and planting seeds of new growth that can be nurtured through this coming time.

“The key to the planetary birth is LOVE. 
We are learning Conscious Evolution to serve as catalysts for the planetary birth of universal humanity in our lifetimes.”
– Barbara Marx Hubbard

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People thrive in sanctuary

People thrive in sanctuary because it nourishes every part of our being!  It is a place of beauty and peace where we can hear our inner voice and re-connect to our life purpose.  2012 is an auspicious time in our journey on Earth as we emerge into a new way of being – with each other, with the Earth, and with the Divine.  Starseed has been preparing for this emergence for 26 years and is ready to be a catalyst to usher forth these new energies which is the fulfillment of Starseed’s purpose. We  are all aware that there is a Great Shift unfolding and that the huge leap that humanity is called to will take all of us. We can’t do this as individuals; we need to bring our individual pieces into the whole.  Starseed is a place where we come together collectively to create the transformation that will bring about the Shift.

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