Turning the M Upside Down

Looking at My Situation Differently
By Arianna Alexsandra Grindrod
Birth 2012 has certainly been an curious transitional period. As I have been talking with friends and neighbors we recognize that we have been noticing more death and destruction and even deception. It feels like there is a weird push-back energy occurring. And yet, even with this edge of trouble, there is the ever present gentle yet firm push forward. We are moving. We are pushing through the blockages.
I see in one recent situation where I could have rightly gone down a path of righteous rage. At that pivot point I see how I could have also gone into despair over the cruelty of the human race and that we don’t deserve to continue on. But where I actually went was a place sadness and disappointment. And this lead to a strong urge to connect with my community. I methodically told of the account and let the pieces fall where they may. In reaching out to my community and even to the greater region, others reached back, thanking me for being a “tiger” and for being the “wrong person to mess with”. But I do not feel that fierceness. What I feel is an overwhelming need to protect my community, not with lashing out at the perpetrators but by simply shining the light on them so that others can learn of their deceit, and so that these people have an opportunity, now not being able to hide, to be more responsible humans. Even in shining this light my focus is on compassion for my community and demonstrating how we are all in this grand life together and that we’ve got each other’s backs.

This situation showed me that how ever we look at something, that is how it appears. This thing that happened I could label as being scammed. However, it helped my husband and I come together as a unit, a unified force. And not so much against the people who we allowed to deceive us but for us as married couple making decisions together. We came together as a unit for the sake of our community to alert them so that we could all stand together. It has brought up some interesting dialogue. That this is not about karma or that we needed to be the people to bring about justice. This is about what to do with what we are handed. How will we be with what is transpiring? Will we rage? Will we cave? Will we rise to meet the challenge and, like a seed, push through?
For me, this was a lesson, not just about being more discerning and to check in with neighbors about companies, but mostly about how this life is more about the we than the me. It’s about turning that “m” upside down so that the “w” has space to open to the sun.
In this next era, this next age, we have an opportunity re-make, re-connect, re-commit. We can decide anew to be the ones we were waiting for and embark on a new way of being in and with the world. We can see and act as if we are part of a greater community; that we are all part of the we. And perhaps if we see this we, we can also recognize that we are not just talking about the human community, but the Earth community and all the beings we share this glorious planet with.  

About Starseed Sanctuary Team

Starseed is an interfaith healing sanctuary, holistic retreat center, and developing intentional community dedicated to personal and planetary transformation. Located in the hills of the northern Berkshires on 130 acres of fields, forests and wetlands, Starseed serves as a spiritual center and energy anchor for personal and planetary transformation. People come here to connect with Spirit, the Land, their inner Self and other Kindred Spirits.
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  1. “Surely we were better advised, for the good of our own souls, tae forgive rather than tae demand retribution.” ~ from The Adept

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